Requirements for Election

1.  The suggested clean-time required for all Essex-Kent Area Service Committee (E.K.A.S.C.) officers and their Alternates at the time of election shall be:

  • Chairperson – 3 Years
  • Alternate Chairperson – 2 Years
  • Secretary – 1 Year
  • Alternate Secretary – 6 Months
  • Treasurer – 2 Years
  • Alternate Treasurer – 2 Years
  • Regional Committee Member (RCM) – 3 Years
  • Alternate R.C.M. – 2 Years
  • Area Convention Service Representative (A.C.S.R.) – 1 Year
  • Alternate A.C.S.R. – 6 Months
  • Sub-Committee Chairperson – 2 Years
  • All members handling N.A. funds – 1 Year
  • AD HOC Committee Chairperson – 2 Years

2.  The waiving of clean-time will require a ninety percent (90%) vote of support.

Term of Office

  1. No E.K.A.S.C. officer shall be elected to more than one (1) E.K.A.S.C. position at one (1) time, except as an AdHoc sub-committee chairperson.
  2. All E.K.A.S.C. officers shall be elected to serve for a term of no more than one (1) year.
  3. No E.K.A.S.C. officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same position, unless otherwise voted on by the E.K.A.S.C. with at least a ninety percent (90%) majority vote of the established quorum.
  4. Interim officers shall be elected as required. Their term of office shall be for the remainder of the predecessor’s term and shall conclude in January, May or July whichever should apply (Article VIII, Sec. B par #1 of these policies and guidelines).

Duties and responsibilites of committee members are outlined in Article X of the Policy and Guidelines.


  1. Nominations for all executive positions shall take place at the October and November E.K.A.S.C. meeting, and
    elections shall take place as the last order of new business in December. All sub-committees will have their nominations in April and May, with elections at the June E.K.A.S.C. meeting. Nominations for In From the Cold chair will take place in January and February with elections in March.
  2. Nominations for the A.C.S.R. shall take place in March and April with elections in May.
  3. Any qualified voting member of the E.K.A.S.C. may nominate a qualified individual for any A.S.C. position.
  4. Each nomination shall be seconded by a qualified voting member of the E.K.A.S.C.
  5. All nominees must be present to either accept or decline their nomination.
  6. Upon acceptance, each nominee shall state his or her qualifications for serving the N.A. Fellowship. (State clean time, past experience in N.A., and why they can and want to serve in this position). A written copy of their “Service Resume” must also be given to the E.K.A.S.C. Secretary for archiving purposes and for the E.K.A.S.C. meeting minutes. This also applies to any member standing for a second term.
  7. All E.K.A.S.C. members shall be given the opportunity to question the nominees and voice their objections (if any) concerning the nominee and the position. With the prospective nominee in attendance.
  8. Notice of elections shall go out to the Essex-Kent Area fellowship to be announced at group meetings (or any other means possible) at least two (2) months in advance.
  9. All nominations whether “Annual” or “Fill Vacancy” shall go back to the home groups for voting. Annual Elections for 2 months and Fill Vacancies for one month.