Welcome to the EKASC Online Meeting Room

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Online Chat Room Rules And Etiquette

Please be responsible and respectful of the others while participating within the online chat room. Your conduct should involve common sense, basic social etiquette and follow the guidelines below. Moderators/Admins reserve the right to remove anyone from the room for violating any of these guidelines or for any other behavior that is deemed to be inappropriate.

  • If someone is sharing, please allow them to do so without being interrupted.
  • Be polite, courteous and introduce yourself upon entering the room.
  • Respect the opinions and practices of others in the room.
  • Do not argue or openly debate.
  • However, questions and opposing opinions are encouraged, just do so respectfully.
  • Limit negative comments as these have a tendency not to help anyone’s sharing.
  • Alternatively, try to put the comment in a positive light.
  • The use of negative metaphors have a tendency to amplify negative emotions.
  • The use of rude or abusive language, blatantly insensitive remarks or purposely annoying comments is not acceptable.

For personal safety reasons, be cautious to whom you disclosure your last name, home address, telephone number. If you are concerned about the content of a planned online chat message, please feel free to create a private chat with the moderator and ask if your planned chat is appropriate.

Although we do not endorse third party applications, we need to use them from time to time like this app here today.

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