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    Workshop Questions

    The questions below offer a way to begin—or continue—a service discussion or workshop

    focused on this Tradition.

    1. What does being “forever nonprofessional” mean for our service efforts? Does that

    change the way we approach our work? How does that affect the ways we work with

    other organizations or the public?

    1. Has our service body needed assistance from professionals or contract workers to

    complete a task or project? When would we consider hiring a special worker?

    1. What tasks take too much specialization or time to ask volunteers to do? How do we

    balance our aspirations with our resources? If we are not able to hire outside assistance,

    what are our alternatives moving forward?

    1. What can special workers do in NA? What work can’t we hire special workers to do?
    2. Have we had any interaction with a special worker? Why, and what was the outcome?

    What would be a reason to contact or visit an NA service office?

    1. Why do some communities have service offices? What are the advantages/disadvantages

    of having one? Why would we decide to open—or close—a service office?

    1. What responsibilities do we have to the special workers we employ? How do we fulfill

    those responsibilities?

    1. What administrative needs would hiring special workers demand of us? Would we need

    legal or tax status to do so? Who would supervise, hire, and pay that worker? What

    additional bookkeeping would be required? Would having an employee be more work

    than doing the task ourselves?

    1. Do we use contract workers or outside vendors at our conventions or events? What

    considerations are involved in doing so? Do we have standard practices in place for

    collecting bids or deciding who to contract with?

    1. If our event or service body is making NA merchandise available, have we consulted the

    relevant service bulletins about the use of our logos and trademarks? Are we going about

    it in a way that is in harmony with the Fellowship’s conscience?

    1. How does membership in NA affect a special worker’s relationship with the Traditions? If

    a special worker isn’t a member, can the Traditions still apply?

    1. What do we do if a well‐meaning nonmember volunteers to perform a task for us, such

    as legal or financial services? At what point would this type of work constitute an outside

    contribution in terms of Tradition Seven? Does it make a difference if the individual is a

    family member of someone in NA?

    1. How does this Tradition help us understand anonymity? How does anonymity help us

    understand this Tradition? How do we practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?

    1. Discuss any bridges between this Tradition and one or more of the Twelve Concepts.

    What do these bridges teach us about our service efforts?

    1. What more can we do to bring the principles of this Tradition into our service efforts?

    What could we do differently to better carry out our services?

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