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    Group Inventory Questions

    The questions below offer ways to begin—or continue—group inventory or discussion
    focused on this Tradition.
    1. What can our group do to help make our meetings attractive, safe, and welcoming?
    2. Does our group have a strong home group identity? Do we celebrate group
    anniversaries, have home group T‐shirts, or have other group‐specific events or customs?
    How do we enjoy these in a way that is based on attraction, not promotion?
    3. What in our meeting could be seen as promoting NA or a particular group, rather than
    seeking to make NA attractive?
    4. How does our group work to make sure we are viewed in a positive light by the facility
    where we meet? In the neighborhood where our meetings are held?
    5. Does our group use any form of social media for communication between members? If
    so, how can we preserve members’ anonymity when we do? How can we take care not
    to exclude members who don’t use social media?
    6. How should our group respond if we are asked by the local media to answer questions
    about drug addiction, about recovery, or other topics?
    7. How does this Tradition help us understand anonymity? How does anonymity help us
    understand this Tradition? How do we practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?
    8. Discuss any bridges between this Tradition and other Traditions. What do these bridges
    teach us about our group?
    9. What more can we do to bring the principles of this Tradition into our group efforts?
    What could we do differently to better fulfill our primary purpose?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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