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    Questions for Members

    The questions below offer a way to begin—or continue—the process of writing, reflection,
    and discussion of this Tradition with your sponsor or other NA members.
    In NA
    1. What is the difference between personal autonomy, my will, and self‐will?
    2. How do I practice autonomy as a member of the NA Fellowship? What does autonomy
    mean to me in the context of my personal recovery? In NA service?
    3. What is the relationship between my personal autonomy and our common welfare? How
    do I strike a balance between my wants and needs and the good of the whole?
    4. How can I exercise personal autonomy in a way that benefits our common welfare? In
    what ways could my choices seem to compromise my relationship with NA? How can I
    reconcile my personal autonomy and my fear of being judged?
    5. How does this Tradition help me understand anonymity? How does anonymity help me
    understand this Tradition? Do I practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?
    6. Describe any bridges between this Tradition and one or more of the Twelve Steps. What
    do these bridges teach me about my recovery?
    7. What more can I do to put the principles of this Tradition into action? How would
    applying this Tradition change my attitudes and actions?
    In All Our Affairs
    8. How have I applied this Tradition outside NA? How else might the principles of this
    Tradition guide my thinking or my actions?
    9. What is my understanding of the relationship between autonomy and goodwill?
    10. What challenges do I experience in allowing myself and others to have autonomy?
    11. How do I balance independence and responsibility?
    12. How does my integrity impact my freedom?
    13. What are similarities and differences between freedom and autonomy?
    14. How does defiance distort my perception of autonomy?
    15. How do I exercise autonomy in the context of my personal relationships? My work
    relationships? In service to my community or other organizations?

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