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    Questions for Members

    The questions below offer a way to begin—or continue—the process of writing, reflection,
    and discussion of this Tradition with your sponsor or other NA members.
    In NA
    1. When do I most feel like a part of NA as such? What actions help me to experience that
    2. How do I practice responsibility as a member and a servant? To whom am I responsible in
    any service positions I currently hold? To whom am I responsible when I perform service
    without a title?
    3. How do I balance accountability, responsibility, and authority in my NA service positions?
    How do I determine when it’s best to seek guidance from those I serve and when it’s
    appropriate to exercise the trust placed in me as a trusted servant?
    4. How do I know when to serve and when to step away? What happens when I try to run
    things in NA? When have I struggled to step out of a service position gracefully?
    5. How do I determine what needs to be communicated to my group or between levels of
    service? Where do I turn for reliable information?
    6. What are some examples of effective communication in service? How can I make my
    communication more interesting and understandable? What has NA service taught me
    about listening?
    7. How does this Tradition help me understand anonymity? How does anonymity help me
    understand this Tradition? How do I practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?
    8. Describe any bridges between this Tradition and one or more of the Twelve Steps. What
    do these bridges teach me about my recovery?
    9. What more can I do to put the principles of this Tradition into action? How would
    applying this Tradition change my attitudes and actions?
    In All Our Affairs
    10. How have I applied this Tradition outside NA? How else might the principles of this
    Tradition guide my thinking or my actions?
    11. How do I take responsibility for my actions while practicing surrender about outcomes?
    12. How easy is it for me to ask for and accept feedback? What is my response to
    constructive criticism?
    13. When someone asks me for an opinion, how do I respond? Am I kind? Do I feel like I have
    to find something to correct? Do I point out something positive when I offer criticism?
    14. Are there areas of my life that would benefit from more planning? Do I do better with
    more or less structure in my life? Do I resist routine or embrace it?
    15. How do I create structure and predictability in my life without being rigid or controlling?
    Can I plan for the future if I’m living just for today?
    16. How would I describe the spirit of service? What would it mean for me to embrace that
    spirit in all my affairs?
    17. Do I find it easier to handle tasks on my own when it might be beneficial to include
    others? Are there things I’m taking care of myself that should be done with other
    members of my household, community, or work environment?

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