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    Workshop Questions

    The questions below offer a way to begin—or continue—a service discussion or workshop

    focused on this Tradition.

    1. What functions does this service body accomplish on behalf of the groups? How do we

    get input from groups as we plan? How can we maintain effective communication

    between groups and their boards or committees?

    1. What role do collaboration and communication play in helping us to create NA unity?
    2. What is the meaning of the term “directly” as it relates to Tradition Nine? How does the

    “direct” link help us to maintain responsibility? How does this body remain directly

    responsible to those we serve?

    1. How do our needs change in times of rapid growth? Are we growing now, or have we hit

    a plateau? How can our service efforts help us grow in ways that are sustainable for us?

    1. Have we noticed occasions when our services need to be more organized than they

    were, or when our efforts have become too structured?

    1. How do we balance our needs for both rotation and continuity? What are our practices

    regarding training, support, and mentorship? Are we willing to leave a service position

    open rather than electing a member who is not well suited to the role?

    1. How does this Tradition help us understand anonymity? How does anonymity help us

    understand this Tradition? How do we practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?

    1. Discuss any bridges between this Tradition and one or more of the Twelve Concepts.

    What do these bridges teach us about our service efforts?

    1. What more can we do to bring the principles of this Tradition into our service efforts?

    What could we do differently to better carry out our services?

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