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    Group Inventory Questions

    Choose questions from the list below—or create/adapt your own—to focus on as part of a
    group discussion or group inventory.
    1. What are some ways to practice self‐support besides money? How else do members
    contribute to this group? What does our group contribute to our local services?
    2. Has our group ever needed to decline contributions from non‐members? How did or
    would we go about doing so in a polite and respectful manner?
    3. How does this group make decisions about how to spend our money? What do we need
    to fulfill our primary purpose? How do we tell the difference between wants and needs?
    Are we spending responsibly?
    4. Does our group make contributions to other levels of service in order to help carry the
    message? What responsibility do we have for supporting the growth of NA in our
    community and beyond?
    5. Are there things our group spends money on that aren’t directly related to our primary
    purpose? Do we make a distinction between funds collected to carry out our primary
    purpose and other group expenses?
    6. Does our group keep financial records? Have we noticed changes in our financial life
    recently? Over time? What decisions or discussions does this information prompt for us?
    7. Does our group live within its means? How does our group make do when resources are
    scarce? Is it okay to pass the basket a second time?
    8. What planning and resources were needed to get this group started? Where should help
    come from when starting a new meeting?
    9. Does this group need a reserve of funds? Why or why not? What would be a reasonable
    prudent reserve? What other financial safeguards can we put in place to protect both our
    resources and our trusted servants?
    10. Do we think we are entitled to a greater say in service decisions if we contribute more
    time, energy, or money? Do we allow any members of our group to give more than their
    fair share? What is a fair share?
    11. Does our group depend on the contributions or literature purchases of newcomers to
    meet its budget? How can group members help to ensure that the weight of self‐support
    doesn’t fall on the newest members?
    12. How does this Tradition help us understand anonymity? How does anonymity help us
    understand this Tradition? How do we practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?
    13. Discuss any bridges between this Tradition and other Traditions. What do these bridges
    teach us about our group?
    14. What more can we do to bring the principles of this Tradition into our group efforts?
    What could we do differently to better fulfill our primary purpose?

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