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    Group Inventory Questions

    The questions below offer ways to begin—or continue—group inventory or discussion
    focused on this Tradition.
    1. Why are issues of money, property, and prestige such a slippery slope for us? How have
    we seen them divert us from our primary purpose?
    2. How can issues of affiliation and pursuit of money, property, and prestige affect the
    atmosphere of recovery in our group? What else can divert our group from our primary
    purpose? What can we do as a group to avoid these distractions? How can we regain
    focus, once diverted?
    3. What is an endorsement? In what ways could our group be seen as giving an
    endorsement of something outside NA? How could or would doing so damage our
    reputation and our efforts to carry the NA message?
    4. How do we maintain integrity as a group? How does the use of NA literature and
    speakers help us to practice that integrity?
    5. How do autonomy, cooperation, and affiliation relate to one another? How do we
    exercise creative freedom in a way that honors the guidance of Tradition Six?
    6. Why do we hold our meetings in this particular location? How do we keep our
    relationship with the facility one of cooperation, not affiliation? How do we help
    members understand our relationship with facilities where we meet? What is our
    relationship to clubhouses or meeting halls?
    7. What can we do as a group to maintain or improve our relations with outside entities?
    How should we handle our disagreements with outside facilities or organizations?
    8. How do we support members in learning the importance of our policy of nonaffiliation?
    Do the words and actions of our trusted servants honor this Tradition? How loving and
    caring are we in the way we help our members understand Tradition Six?
    9. Do our efforts to keep our message clear sometimes make it seem like we’re creating
    additional requirements for membership? How can our group practice this Tradition
    without limiting our inclusiveness?
    10. How does this Tradition help us understand anonymity? How does anonymity help us
    understand this Tradition? How do we practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?
    11. Discuss any bridges between this Tradition and other Traditions. What do these bridges
    teach us about our group?
    12. What more can we do to bring the principles of this Tradition into our group efforts?
    What could we do differently to better fulfill our primary purpose?

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