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    Questions for Members

    The questions below offer a way to begin—or continue—the process of writing, reflection,
    and discussion of this Tradition with your sponsor or other NA members.
    In NA
    1. What brought me to make the decision to be a member of NA? What does “a desire to
    stop using” mean for me in my recovery today? Do I want what NA has to offer?
    2. What was it like for me when I came to my first meetings? What are some of the things
    that I experienced that helped me choose to become a member? What can I do to help
    the newcomer make that choice for themselves?
    3. What does membership in NA mean to me? What happens when I make the decision to
    become a member? What are my responsibilities as a member? Have they changed over
    time? Do I try to hold others to the standards I set for myself?
    4. How do my actions and attitudes reflect my decision to be a member of NA? How is it
    evident when I share, in my willingness to help the newcomer, in my behavior in and
    around meetings, or in how I serve in NA?
    5. What part can I play in creating an inviting atmosphere? How does it feel to be a part of a
    group that addicts want to come back to?
    6. Have I ever given someone a reason not to come back to a Narcotics Anonymous
    meeting? How do I remain welcoming when I’m just not feeling it?
    7. When have I judged other addicts? What happens when I try to determine who will stay
    clean and who won’t? What are the consequences for me, for other members, and for
    the addict who still suffers?
    8. What expectations do I have about how others recover and serve in NA? Are these
    expectations related to NA principles or my own opinions?
    9. What are some of my reservations about our open membership policy? What additional
    qualifications do my actions and behavior impose on people’s membership and recovery?
    How do I reach out with compassion and lack of judgment?
    10. How does this Tradition help me understand anonymity? How does anonymity help me
    understand this Tradition? How do I practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?
    11. Describe any bridges between this Tradition and one or more of the Twelve Steps. What
    do these bridges teach me about my recovery?
    12. What more can I do to put the principles of this Tradition into action? How would
    applying this Tradition change my attitudes and actions?
    In All Our Affairs
    13. How have I applied this Tradition outside NA? How else might the principles of this
    Tradition guide my thinking or my actions?
    14. Where else in my life do I experience membership? Do I feel a part of or apart from?
    15. Where else do I encounter requirements for membership? How willing am I to accept
    them or participate on their terms? What “requirements for membership” do I struggle
    with in other areas of my life?
    16. Where else would it be appropriate to practice membership in the ways I do in NA—
    being of service, being a part of decisions, contributing financially, or in other ways?
    What else does it mean to me to practice membership outside of NA?
    17. What impact has my membership in NA made on those around me?
    18. What has the Third Tradition taught me about second chances, or about compassion,
    that might be useful elsewhere in my life?

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