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    Questions for Members

    The questions below offer a way to begin—or continue—the process of writing, reflection,
    and discussion of this Tradition with your sponsor or other NA members.
    In NA
    1. What are some differences between the personal anonymity in Tradition Eleven and the
    principle of anonymity as it’s expressed in Tradition Twelve?
    2. What are some ways that I put principles before personalities when I’m in a meeting?
    When I talk to my sponsor? When I sponsor other members? When I talk to newcomers?
    When I talk to other members?
    3. How do I practice principles before personalities when I have strong feelings about
    someone, good or bad?
    4. Does my desire to honor those who came before me sometimes affect how I practice the
    principle of anonymity? Do members who serve, or who have served, ever seem more
    important than others? Do I view NA members as fitting into any sort of hierarchy?
    5. When do I struggle with the principle of anonymity? Are there times when equality is a
    struggle for me, or when that idea makes me uncomfortable? Do I ever want to “pull
    rank” or establish authority? Am I intimidated by some members, or are there times I just
    assume that they’re right?
    6. Do I respect the confidentiality of meetings? Is sharing what is heard in a meeting always
    wrong? How do I determine the difference between gossiping and expressing concern?
    7. When do I struggle to serve selflessly? Do I want personal credit for successes, or feel
    that members should take personal blame for mistakes?
    8. How can serving with humility give me the opportunity to know freedom from the bonds
    of self? When have I experienced this for myself?
    9. Do members give up their anonymity when it comes to mistakes or failures in service,
    including theft or other types of inappropriate actions? How do we balance the need to
    hold one another accountable with the need to keep principles before personalities?
    10. How can I express my gratitude or appreciation for another member, present or past, in
    the spirit of equality we value in NA? How do I honor the contributions of members in a
    way that respects the guidance of Tradition Twelve?
    11. How does my practice of anonymity help to foster NA unity? How does NA unity help me
    place principles before personalities?
    12. How do these Traditions help me understand anonymity? How does anonymity help me
    understand these Traditions? How do I practice anonymity in terms of the Traditions?
    13. Describe any bridges between this Tradition and one or more of the Twelve Steps. What
    do these bridges teach me about my recovery?
    14. What more can I do to put the principles of this Tradition into action? How would
    applying this Tradition change my attitudes and actions?
    In All Our Affairs
    15. How have I applied this Tradition outside NA? How else might the principles of this
    Tradition guide my thinking or my actions?
    16. What would it mean for anonymity to be my spiritual foundation? What does this
    principle bring to my life, or change about my thinking?
    17. How does practicing principles before personalities help me to experience unity outside
    NA? Can I apply the principle of anonymity in my work, in my family, or in my community
    in ways that would foster unity?
    18. What is at risk when I place personalities before principles in my personal relationships,
    at work, in school, or in community organizations? How and when do I need to place
    principles before personalities in these areas?
    19. Do I struggle to accept credit for my accomplishments outside NA? How do I balance
    these principles in places where receiving credit or recognition is appropriate?
    20. How can I apply principles of this Tradition in areas of my life outside of NA where
    everyone is not regarded as equal?
    21. Are there times in my life outside NA when I want to “call someone out” in a way that
    would be hurtful or destructive? How can Tradition Twelve help me to navigate conflict
    or anger?
    22. What other areas of my life would benefit from the application of selflessness? What
    would change in my relationships if I approached them from a spirit of anonymity?
    23. How do humility, anonymity, and unity work together and separately in my life? What are
    some ways I practice these principles? When I come from a place of unity and anonymity,
    how does my experience of the world change?

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