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    Questions for Members

    The questions below offer a way to begin—or continue—the process of writing, reflection,
    and discussion of this Tradition with your sponsor or other NA members.
    In NA
    1. What is a conscience, and how do I get in touch with mine? What does group conscience
    mean to me, and how do I participate in it? What is the difference between the group
    conscience and my individual conscience?
    2. How does participating in group conscience help develop my sense of a Higher Power?
    How do I allow my Higher Power to influence my decision making? What helps me
    cultivate that influence?
    3. How does my understanding of open‐mindedness help me apply the Second Tradition?
    How do I encourage or welcome the ideas of new members? Do I consider the needs or
    views of those who aren’t in the room? How do I find the courage to ask difficult
    questions in business meetings?
    4. How do I set aside my personal preferences in favor of an emerging consensus? What is
    the difference between surrender and abdication of responsibility?
    5. Is my behavior in group business meetings consistent with the principles of this
    Tradition? Do I use my cleantime or position to intimidate others or to assert authority?
    Do I listen or do I just want to talk? How do I find the balance?
    6. What part does my Higher Power play in my service efforts and as a member of a home
    group? How does faith allow me to carry out the group’s conscience even if I disagree
    with it?
    7. What are the attributes of a trusted servant? Which of these do I act on or strive for?
    8. What is the difference between governing and leadership? As a trusted servant, how am
    I a leader? How do I practice leadership in my home group? How can I practice
    leadership in a spirit of anonymity? When am I most likely to try to govern?
    9. How does this Tradition help me understand anonymity? How does anonymity help me
    understand this Tradition? How do I practice anonymity in terms of this Tradition?
    10. Describe any bridges between this Tradition and one or more of the Twelve Steps. What
    do these bridges teach me about my recovery?
    11. What more can I do to put the principles of this Tradition into action? How would
    applying this Tradition change my attitudes and actions?
    In All Our Affairs
    12. How have I applied this Tradition outside NA? How else might the principles of this
    Tradition guide my thinking or my actions?
    13. Are there other areas in my life where I can see the value of a conscience, or where I can
    see a conscience emerging? How do I listen for what I know as group conscience in my
    relationships outside of NA?
    14. Does my history with authority influence my experience today? How does my belief in an
    ultimate authority change my perspective?
    15. How do I practice this Tradition when others are not bound by it?
    16. Am I open to hearing truth from any source, or am I distracted by prejudices? How does
    practicing the principles of this Tradition open me to hearing others?
    17. How important is it to me to be liked? Do I ever compromise my sense of what is right in
    order to please others?
    18. Am I worthy of trust? How can I practice trustworthiness today?
    19. How can I remain humble and open‐minded even when I’m sure I’m right?
    20. When a decision doesn’t go my way, how do I come to believe that all will be well? How
    does my attitude reflect my acceptance?
    21. In what other areas of my life might this Tradition be useful? What other opportunities
    are there for me to seek group conscience?

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