Masks are mandatory at all indoor locations. Smoking is prohibited in all City of Windsor Parks.
Please practice social distancing wherever possible. If you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days,
have symptoms of Covid-19 or possibly been exposed to someone with Covid-19,
please attend one of our online meetings listed below.

Please call ahead (519-596-3830) to confirm meeting times and locations.


OUT = Outdoors

ON = Online

C = Closed

O = Open

D = Discussion

S = Speaker

WC = Wheelchair Accessible

NSB = No Smoke Break


BT = Basic Text Study

Monday10:00 AMWindsorOnline Morning MeetingONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Monday12:00 PMWindsorThe NoonerOUTDOOR1075 Ypres Ave(C) (D) (OUT)
Monday7:00 PMWindsorSpeakeasyINDOOR/TENT1838 Pierre Ave(O) (D) (OUT)
Tuesday10:00 AMWindsorOnline Morning MeetingONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Tuesday12:00 PMWindsorThe NoonerOUTDOOR1075 Ypres Ave(C) (D) (OUT)
Tuesday7:30 PMWindsorThe Honesty GroupONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (WC)
Tuesday7:00 PMWindsorSpeakeasy INDOOR/TENT1838 Pierre AveO) (D) (OUT)
Wednesday10:00 AMWindsorOnline Morning MeetingONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Wednesday12:00 PMWindsorThe NoonerOUTDOOR1075 Ypres Ave(C) (D) (OUT)
Wednesday7:00 PMWindsorSpeakeasy INDOOR/TENT1838 Pierre AveO) (D) (OUT)
Thursday10:00 AMWindsorOnline Morning MeetingONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Thursday12:00 PMWindsorThe NoonerOUTDOOR1075 Ypres Ave(C) (D) (OUT)
Thursday7:00 PMWindsorSpeakeasy INDOOR/TENT1838 Pierre AveO) (D) (OUT)
Thursday7:30 PMWindsorMiracles HappenONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Friday10:00 AMWindsorOnline Morning MeetingONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Friday12:00 PMWindsorThe NoonerOUTDOOR1075 Ypres Ave(C) (D) (OUT)
Friday7:00 PMWindsorSpeakeasy INDOOR/TENT1838 Pierre AveO) (D) (OUT)
Friday7:30 PMWindsorBridge of FriendshipONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Saturday1:30 PMWindsorJourney to RecoveryONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Saturday7:00 PMWindsorSpeakeasy INDOOR/TENT1838 Pierre AveO) (D) (OUT)
Saturday12:00 PMWindsorThe NoonerOUTDOOR1075 Ypres Ave(C) (D) (OUT)
Sunday7:00 PMWindsorSpeakeasy INDOOR/TENT1838 Pierre AveO) (D) (OUT)
Sunday12:00 PMWindsorThe NoonerOUTDOOR1075 Ypres Ave(C) (D) (OUT)
Sunday6:00 PMWindsorThe Phoenix GroupONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Sunday7:30 PMWindsorStaying CleanONLINEONLINE LINK(C) (D) (ON)
Saturday7:00 PMChathamNew BeginningsONLINEONLINE LINK

Password: surrender
(C) (D)

We are fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.  If you are an addict, please consider supporting our area.

100% of your contribution will go to the Essex-Kent Area Service Committee of NA.